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Driving safely in the dark with poor vision

Driving safely in the dark becomes more difficult for a lot of people in winter. In the dark, our eyes need to quickly adjust from the road to our side view mirrors or dashboard. And not forgetting the extra glare from car headlights. If you have poor vision and wear glasses, simply being a careful driver may not be enough to keep you feeling comfortable behind the wheel this winter.

A solution to driving in the dark with poor vision

Drivers have a lot of needs when it comes to driving safely in the dark, and with the sun setting earlier, a larger number of commuters are having to travel in almost pitch black. Normal lenses are not providing enough support, but with the ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Lenses, drivers can be assured with more confidence that their glasses will do what they need.

The lenses have been created with technology that makes them perfect for anyone driving in the evenings with poor lighting, but particularly for those who have a difficulty adjusting their eyes to low-lighting areas and glare from car headlights.

These lenses make use of the ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe UV coating that allows drivers to have better visibility on the roads. Not only do they feature this anti-glare coating, but they use the Luminance Design Technology by ZEISS to help drivers have higher visibility when driving in poor lighting or bad weather conditions.

The benefits to drivers

The ZEISS lenses have been designed with a technology that considers the size of the pupil, and therefore provides better sight when in difficult vision situations. The ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Lenses also consider multifocal drivers who may face issues with their eyes swiftly adjusting from the road to side mirrors and the dashboard. To manage this, the lenses have optimised distance and intermediate viewing zones, which reduces the need for horizontal head movement.

Drive safely while keeping your style…

Driving safely in the dark does not mean that you must compromise your style and choice of glasses. With the ZEISS DriveSafe Individual lenses, you have a choice of any design of glasses frames and shapes to suit you and your fashion sense. And, with Boots Opticians’ wide range of glasses and styles to suit all face shapes, there is a pair for everyone to love, whilst driving safely in the dark.

If you want to explore driving safer with ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Lenses, contact your local Boots Opticians store or visit https://www.boots.com/zeiss/zeiss-drivesafe-lenses …

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