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Romsey Opticians Help to Spot Tumour during Eye Exam

Unlocking the Potential of OCT Scans: A Life-Saving Story from a Romsey Beautician
Discover the life-changing benefits of OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scans through the inspiring journey of Katie Dunn, a 30-year-old beautician from Romsey. Her remarkable experience sheds light on the incredible capabilities of OCT scans in early detection, ultimately saving her life.
Katie’s journey began with a simple routine eye test at Boots Opticians in Romsey, a Practice in the Wessex Optical Franchise, an eye exam that proved to be nothing short of miraculous. During the test, an anomaly was noticed in both of her eyes, prompting immediate action. She was referred for an MRI scan at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, a decision that would change her life forever.
The results of the scan revealed a substantial tumour in her brain. It was a moment that marked the onset of a brave battle against this formidable adversary. Over the course of the past year, Katie underwent not one but two surgeries to address the issue. In December of the previous year, she opted for fertility preservation as she prepared for radiotherapy.
Katie’s gratitude for the OCT scan is palpable as she reflects on her journey:

“I genuinely believe that the eye test saved my life and preserved my eyesight. If left undiscovered for longer, I could have faced complete vision loss due to the pressure on my optic nerve.”

The type of tumour Katie was diagnosed with is known for its slow growth, suggesting that it might have been silently developing for years. Left undetected, it could have given rise to numerous life-altering and life-threatening issues. For Katie, her eyesight isn’t just a matter of personal comfort—it’s integral to her profession and her independence, given her reliance on it for driving.

Today, Katie continues to be monitored with regular scans, and the value of early detection through OCT technology becomes increasingly evident. She acknowledges the challenges she has faced during her journey, such as hair loss from radiotherapy and the ongoing recovery of her nose and throat following surgery, but she remains resolute and thankful.

Katie’s story stands as a powerful testament to the incredible potential of OCT scans in preserving not only eye health but overall well-being. Her journey underscores the significance of routine OCT scans in unearthing potential health threats before they escalate. In essence, it showcases that sometimes, the most extraordinary stories of resilience emerge from the most ordinary moments in life, such as a routine eye test empowered by advanced OCT technology.

Well done to our team in Romsey, and best of luck to Katie through her journey.

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