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Wessex Optical Honoured at Transitions Academy 2024

Zabir Ali, owner of Wessex Optical, was given the EMEA recognition award at the event in Orlando

UK optometrist and practice owner, Zabir Ali, was presented with the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) recognition award at Transitions Innovation Awards 2024 in February.

The awards ceremony, held on 13 February during Transitions Academy in Orlando, saw practitioners from the US, Canada and Europe recognised for their commitment to innovation within their businesses.

“It was really great to be recognised,” Ali said, adding that he had been to Transitions Academy the previous year and had left feeling inspired about the products he could offer to his patients.

Zabir Ali is the owner of Wessex Optical, a franchise of seven Boots Opticians practices on the south coast of England and in Staffordshire.

He has been an optometrist for 15 years, and opened his first Boots practice in June 2012.

“I was really honoured to win the award,” he said. “It was an EMEA award, so it wasn’t just a UK award – it was global recognition. I couldn’t believe that they wanted to recognise us for our performance on such a global stage.”

The Transitions Innovation Awards asked nominating optometry practices and individuals to outline their goals for 2023 and for the innovative approaches they used to achieve them.

Speaking about the EMEA recognition category, Ali added: “This year they had delegates from Denmark and Serbia, and other places. To be recognised out of Europe and out of those countries is a big achievement.”

Transitions Academy 2024 took place from 11–14 February. More than 1300 delegates attended the event, where the Transitions Gen S lens was unveiled.

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